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How to pass exams without knowledge of the subject

Tip: how to pass the exam without knowing the subject?

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Each of us has to pass in the life of a huge number of exams: school, College, graduate school, obtaining a driver’s license… Imagine how much to spend nerves, time and effort, and still not get the desired marks? And though there is a truism that stupid student pays the tutor, and smart – examiner, all Finance is not enough.

So, a few tips for those who do not know how to pass the exam the first time not knowing the subject. Well, of course, the best option is to learn everything by heart, so malicious, the examiner failed you “fill up”. But this is usually a way of science fiction. Consider what can be done if the exam is on the nose, and you have not learned the subject.

General recommendation: stay up all night over books, trying to “cram” in the material of an entire semester is not an option. So the remnants of your knowledge will turn into a terrible salad and in the exam you will nod and confused van dyke with van Damme. Before the exam try to sleep at least 5-6 hours.

Be sure to write your notes, if you have time. So you will lighten your memorization of the material, besides a small amount of the crib allows it to fit on it the only thing. The ability to “pour water”, at least this material on the exam you will be able to deploy a full-fledged answer.

Try to read before the test (at least in someone else’s notebook) as many of the lectures – so you’ll know what point of view is shared by the teacher and be able to “play along”. In any case, do not argue with the examiner! He will defend his position at all costs (so as not to drop the prestige) and all the more irritated. So the exasperated teacher is almost a true “couple”.

Will come in handy!

When you pulled the ticket, try to remember everything I know on these issues. If you do not remember anything at all – to save the situation can only: a) if you write off; b) if the teacher is short out, and you will write;) if you under the pretext will come out and blamed the door.

Write off is also necessary skillfully. In any case, do not fuss, do not fidget with anything drop: this will attract the attention of examiner and it will be for you to watch. If it happened some time pretend to be a nerd: watching the corner of my eye with the teacher, make smart look, and then start something to scribble on a piece of paper. Then you will lose interest, and that you should be: slowly pull the “spur”.

When you sat down to answer, pretend to be confident. Speak up, speak loudly, clearly, look the examiner in the eye. Use phrases like: “according to researchers…”, “in my opinion…”, “firstly…, secondly…”, “therefore…”.

If you’ve done everything right, please close the record book with the mark “excellent” and cheerfully go out the door into the arms of classmates.

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